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   T&M Rubber, Incorporated, hereafter ‘T&M’, considers personal information to be private and confidential. Out of respect to our customers and others who visit our web site, T&M does not "harvest" information from its visitor’s computers without their consent. Visitors may browse any part of the public area of T&M’s web site anonymously.

    At times though, we may request additional information from you that will enable us provide a service to you that you have selected. Once submitted, the information you have supplied is kept confidential and is only available to designated staff and authorized agents for the purpose of assisting us in providing and improving our services.

   T&M’s web site does track statistical information regarding visits to its site but these statistics contain no personal information about its visitors. This information is used solely for the purpose of helping us continuously improve this site to better serve our visitors.

   Also be advised that T&M reserves the right to employ "cookie" technology on this site to improve the experience of its on-line visitors. This technology allows this site to store elements of data on a user’s computer related to the user's visit. If you do not wish to allow "cookies" from this site to be stored on your computer, you may alter your browser’s settings to prevent them. Depending on your browser's settings, you may then be notified each time a "cookie" is being offered, what its purpose is, and given the option to receive or decline it.

   In conclusion, T&M may provide links to 3rd-party web sites for the purpose of providing you with information regarding a related product or service. When connecting to a linked site as described above, the privacy policy of that site, which may differ from T&M’s, will go into affect.




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